Hi, I’m Dr. Angela Pobanz

Technically, I’m a licensed clinical therapist in the state of Utah.

But what I do, in practical terms, is help women figure out how to untangle emotions, understand unhelpful and self-defeating patterns, define their purpose, and move toward wholeness. 

My deepest passion is helping women elevate their lives. I think we do this by working to identify and change the things in our environment that hold us back while ALSO doing the internal work to stop self-sabotaging. Life will never be perfect, despite what we see on social media, but it can be rich AND challenging, fulfilling AND frustrating, hard AND beautiful – in other words, perfectly imperfect.

I Get It...

I became a therapist because I’m an imperfect human who has struggled to answer the bigger questions in life and who has fumbled and failed spectacularly along the way. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in professional counseling, and a doctorate in clinical psychology. But these are not my only, or even most important, credentials. I have been a student and seeker of wellness for over 25 years, studying healing modalities from around the world. My wellness journey began in the spa industry and expanded to include studies in physiology, body work, trauma recovery, neuropsychology, movement, and diet. I believe in the power of adversity to teach us grit and resilience and the importance of mindset to how we manage life’s inevitable trials.

My life, combined with ten years of formal academic training and ten years of clinical experience, has equipped me to meet women where they are and help them to grow.

My inner circle will tell you that I’m a sunshine-loving introvert from the South who is naturally inclined to dig deep to help people find what really matters in life. I need quiet time to be still and reflect, but also enjoy doing yoga, running, hiking, weightlifting, cycling, and occasionally, when no one’s looking, roller skating in the garage. I spend most of my hang time with my husband, my blended family of four children and two grandchildren, and my sweet puppy, Wrigley (go Cubs!).

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