Individualized Therapy for What You Need

ThrivElla provides individual therapy to all women, 18 and over, in the state of Utah. We offer a variety of options to fit your schedule:

Currently accepting DMBA insurance.

Understand Your Patterns

You don’t have to stay stuck – it is possible to untangle your self-defeating patterns, define your purpose, and feel whole. 



Life Transitions


Parenting Challenges

Faith Transitions

Habit Building

Wellness Goals

Therapy Tailored to Your Goals


An evidence-based approach to treating insomnia that works by addressing patterns of thought and behaviors that can create and sustain the inability to sleep. Insomnia is an increasing problem for a variety of reasons, some of which are psychological (such as anxiety) and some of which are physiological (such as with shifting hormones during perimenopause).

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)

Is one of the top evidence-based treatments for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and is strongly recommended by the American Psychological Association. CPT is a manualized treatment that lasts from 6-18 sessions depending upon the person and trauma(s). CPT is only available to those who meet criteria for a PTSD diagnosis.


An approach that helps with remaining in the present moment by noticing unhelpful thoughts and then non-judgmentally letting them go. When we are anxious and/or depressed, we tend to lose touch with the present. Anxiety pulls us into an unknown future so that we can anticipate and worry about things that haven’t happened yet (and that, P.S., usually never do!). Depression can keep us tethered to the past, stuck in rumination and feeling miserable. The present moment is where we can feel alive again.

Existential Therapy

Addresses the broader and deeper questions surrounding mortality, aloneness, meaninglessness, and freedom. Existential perspective focuses on the balance between freedom and responsibility and how much of our experience is influenced by the meanings we assign to the events of our lives.

Positive Psychology

The evidence-based study of human flourishing that helps guide us towards creating a life worth living through practices in gratitude, forgiveness, and grit. Positive Psychology balances the scale relative to how we view life overall by increasing positive emotions and bringing awareness to our negativity biases.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

An evidence-based approach to changing emotions and behaviors by learning to identify and change the repetitive, self-defeating thoughts that keep us stuck.

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